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after.jpg air-bubble.jpg air-face.jpg air-head.jpg air-teleport.jpg bone.jpg butterfly-horse.jpg butterfly.jpg cat-3d.jpg cat-chess.jpg cat-green.jpg cat-onair.jpg cat-red.jpg colour.jpg cross.jpg earth-1.jpg earth-2.jpg falling.jpg fire-face.jpg fire-head.jpg fire-land.jpg fire-rain.jpg fire-stop.jpg fire-tank.jpg five-elements.jpg funky.jpg future.jpg glass-horse.jpg glass-metal.jpg green-day.jpg green-glass-cat.jpg heads.jpg hiphop.jpg horse.jpg invisible-hot.jpg invisible.jpg look.jpg man.jpg metal-alien.jpg metal-bot.jpg metal-bubble.jpg metal-head.jpg metal-nails.jpg metal-robot.jpg metal-sketch.jpg metal-sword.jpg metal-text.jpg metal-woman.jpg monastery.jpg monster-01.jpg monster-02.jpg monster-03.jpg monster-04.jpg monster-05.jpg monster-06.jpg monster-07.jpg monster-08.jpg monster-09.jpg monster-10.jpg monster-11.jpg monster-12.jpg monster-14.jpg monster-15.jpg monster-16.jpg mosaic.jpg nails-abstract.jpg oak.jpg plasticine.jpg poem-3d.jpg poem-alien.jpg poem-at-random.jpg poem-beauty.jpg poem-been.jpg poem-bird.jpg poem-black-and-i.jpg poem-blades.jpg poem-bomb-site.jpg poem-bubbles.jpg poem-cactus.jpg poem-caravan.jpg poem-cat.jpg poem-clock.jpg poem-club.jpg poem-cornering.jpg poem-death.jpg poem-doorstep.jpg poem-electric.jpg poem-factura.jpg poem-finger.jpg poem-fire-hand.jpg poem-flight.jpg poem-future.jpg poem-green-circle.jpg poem-hand.jpg poem-illegal-alien.jpg poem-intelligents.jpg poem-macroflex.jpg poem-man.jpg poem-many.jpg poem-meaning.jpg poem-on-the-way-1.jpg poem-on-the-way-2.jpg poem-perspective.jpg poem-ramstain.jpg poem-red-green.jpg poem-riddle.jpg poem-shadow-game.jpg poem-stairs.jpg poem-super.jpg poem-time.jpg poem-to-be-under-fear.jpg poem-trace.jpg poem-tunnel.jpg poem-two.jpg poem-violet-circle.jpg poem-wave.jpg poem-way.jpg poem-wood.jpg poem-words.jpg poem-wtf.jpg poser.jpg satelite.jpg sky-wall.jpg soul-1.jpg soul-3.jpg spiral.jpg teleport.jpg teleporting.jpg under-water.jpg underwater.jpg water-1.jpg water-castle.jpg water-nude.jpg water-space.jpg wolfs.jpg wood-1.jpg

Art, in its broadest meaning, is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both.

An art gallery or art museum is a space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art, and usually primarily paintings, illustrations, and sculpture. It is also sometimes used as a location for the sale of art.

Digital art is art created on a computer in digital form. Digital art can be purely computer-generated, such as fractals, or taken from another source, such as a scanned photograph, or an image drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet.

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